A brief video of a man dancing with a dog while both were wearing matching outfits in a car has gone viral.
The man in the video pumped up his dog as the dog kept bobbing his head to the music.
Many social media users who responded to the video stated that given the dog’s behavior, hearing it talk would not have surprised them.


A young man by the handle @love n nazhas posted a video of him and his dog dancing in his car to a song like they were friends.


The pet was costumed as a person in the humorous video the man posted. Even their clothing was coordinated.

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The dog bobbed its head as the song played, appearing to comprehend everything. The man spoke during the song’s performance to amplify it.

A human-like gesture was used by the animal to move its head toward the window at one point in the video.

Watch the video below:


As at the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 6,000 comments with more than 140,000 likes.

See The Social Media Reaction Below

thisisnot.me__ said:

“This dog is human nothing anybody is going to tell me.”

Edd Edd said:

“Me just waiting for this dog to talk one day.”

Real Mukango said:

“Does this dog bark or it only responds to drip and music.”

nikita daniels said:

“There is no way this dog dresses well than me. I need to change my wardrobe.”

Dickie_yonnah said:

“Is that dog your sibling, you guys looks like identical twins.”

Diana Gallegos said:

“You guys are star’s you guys need to be on television with your own hit.”

danytremblay147 said:

“the dog doesn’t want even to look at him he is thinking what are you doing to me.”

Fred Federico Iyamu said:

“Is the dog really closing his eyes to enjoy the music?”