Regina Chukwu, a Nollywood actress, has shared her last memory of her late colleague, Murphy Afolabi, on her Instagram page.


According to her post, the Yoruba actress remembered how supportive Afolabi was during her housewarming party.


She shared how he went above and beyond to help her out during the event and even contacted a close friend of hers to attend.

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“So it’s TRUE????

Your last memory of you for me will be how you supported during my party.

How you do call and even when I don’t pick, you went ahead to call someone close, just cos you wanted to support me. Honestly, I am broken.

Sun re o Murphy Afolabi”.

Alesh Sanni recounts his last moment with Murphy

Also recounting actor his last moment with the actor was Alesh Sanni.

Taking to his Instagram page, the movie star revealed that he spoke to Murphy last week Sunday and saw him at a party days back where they gisted.

In disbelief over his death, Alesh Sanni expressed sadness over the heartbreaking news.

“Noooooo it can’t be ko possible ooooo.. We spoke late Sunday. Wait oooo. We were at a party gisting together. GOD”.

He added, “Chat believe this. NO”.