Popular singer Habeeb Okikiola, widely known as Portable, has expressed his strong dissatisfaction with artists who performed at the pre-inauguration concert of President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu. In a widely circulated video, the rising star explained why he chose not to participate in the event.


Portable claimed that the concert organizers had initially approached him and offered a meager payment of N5 million, an offer he boldly rejected. According to him, the organizers had received a total of N10 million to compensate the performing artists, but they decided to reduce his share. This infuriated Portable, who believed that his significant efforts in promoting Tinubu’s candidacy warranted fair treatment.

In his impassioned outburst, Portable expressed his disappointment at being sidelined despite actively campaigning for Tinubu. He criticized other artists who had supported different political figures during the election, but were now readily performing at Tinubu’s concert. Portable declared his allegiance to Tinubu and questioned the loyalty of those artists who had not shown the same level of support.

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Revealing further details, Portable revealed that his manager had received a call inviting him to perform in Abuja, with a promised payment of N10 million for the artists. However, he was informed that only half of that amount would be allocated to him. Outraged, Portable tore up the agreement and deleted the contact information of the organizers, making it clear that he would not settle for anything less than what he believed he deserved.

Portable emphasized that his decision not to perform was based on principles and his unwavering support for Tinubu. He questioned the genuineness of other artists’ allegiance to the President-elect, highlighting the lack of public endorsement or support they had shown during the campaign.

Portable’s video showcased his frustration with the concert organizers and artists who performed at the pre-inauguration event for President-elect Tinubu. He criticized the unfair treatment he experienced and expressed his disappointment in fellow artists who did not actively support Tinubu’s campaign. Portable’s refusal to compromise his principles and accept a reduced payment demonstrated his commitment to standing up for what he believed was right.