Today is International Women’s Day so first of all, happy International Women’s Day to all the beautiful, amazing, hardworking, strong, and complex women all over the world. We love you, we appreciate you, we are blessed to have you.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Nigerian comedian and actress Real Warri Pikin spoke to The Cable Lifestyle about her advice to women on this International Women’s Day, as well as opened up about why she believes people find it easier to support single women over married ones. Here is what Real Warri Pikin had to say.


Giving advice to women on this International Women’s Day, Real Warri Pikin said:

REAL WARRI PIKIN: I know a lot of women are feeling some kind of way at the moment, a lot of women are really down right now because of everything that is going on in our nation. But I just feel like at the end of the day, we will survive. Let us just take one day at a time and always believe in ourselves. Especially when you are a woman in this part of the world.

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First of all, being a woman, you are already disadvantaged because there is this narrative that women are not supposed to be doing too much, a woman is just supposed to have kids and all that, we can be more than just having kids. You have to be fearless! Whatever you can’t control, leave it for God and do what you have to do.


“In 2021, you said you’ve had to work harder as a female comedian who is married. Do you mean single females are having it easy navigating their way into the industry?”

REAL WARRI PIKIN: It is very easy to support a single person, especially single women in this country. A lot of people will ask why they have to give a married woman money when she has a husband, especially someone like me that talks about my husband so much. So, it makes me work harder.

I get help only when I work hard, my talent is the only thing that speaks for me because I’m married and I’m not just married, I’m faithful. So, the men who buy my ticket and come for my show are people who just love my talent and love me and see that I’m working hard.

Being a woman is already a disadvantage, then you are now a married woman and you now give the men the impression that they cannot even do anything with you, if it was the era where you need a man to make it, it would have been hard for me.

But we live in a social media age now. I don’t need anybody to come and take my CV or help me to do something because now everybody is seeing it. You put out your content, you gain followers and brands naturally come to you because of your numbers, that’s it.