We like actress and comedian Anita Asuoha, also known as Real Warri Pikin, for her unflinching honesty. Real Warri Pikin is never afraid to express her opinions, whether they are well-liked or not.


Real Warri Pikin recently spoke with Mercy Johnson on Mercy’s YouTube program, Mercy’s Menu, in which they discussed domestic violence, infidelity in marriage, and the counsel she gives to women who are experiencing depression or struggling with their mental health. Without further ado, let’s have a look at what the actual Warri Pikin had to say.


First, Real Warri Pikin was asked “What do you have to say about mental health especially for moms, wives, who are feeling depressed? What is your take, what do you have to say?” Real Warri Pikin responded:

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Every woman, as far as you dey stay Nigeria, you don born, you get children, you dey do one or two things, you must don dey depressed, you’re depressed right now, or you go soon depress. Yes na. Na truth. Seek professional help. There are people that even though you don’t solve the problem, but when you talk to person and the person, there’s like a physcological safety around that person, you will just shock say you don dey okay. You do am one, two, three times, you’ll be fine. Do it. And then, take life easy. Life na jete by jete. Who first buy motor na him buy old model. New arrival must turn to sales tomorrow. Take am easy. Many of us we too rush. You wan jump like monkey, you go fall. Take am easy.

“What is your say on infidelity in marriage?”

Hmm. For person like Ikechukwu ehn [my husband], I no sure say infidelity go be deal breaker for me oh. I go vex for am. I go fit pack out of the house, just threaten am, go stay another place. But I no go fit leave am oh. I no go fit leave Ikechukwu if he cheat on me, true to God. But e go pain me well well because I no deserve am. Na my guy na. We no suppose because everything dey with me na. Anyhow I dey give am. I dey satisfy am mentally, spiritually, everything. Him dey tell me say I’m his all in all. Maybe he come now [fall] accidentally. E go pain me well well oh, but I no go fit leave am. I no fit.

“What about domestic violence?”

Domestic violence. That’s a deal breaker for me. Yes oh. Physical. Mental abuse. It’s a deal breaker for me.

What do you think about what Real Warri Pikin said? Do you agree with her, do you not? Do you understand where she’s coming from, do you not get it?