Social media users have taken a strong interest in a photo showing Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, seated atop the throne of the Olugbon of Orile Igbon in Oyo State, Oba Francis Alao Akinbola.


Social media users’ responses to the image, which the RCCG Public Relations initially shared on X on Friday, have since varied.Some Ntizens blame the king for allowing the cleric to remain on the monarch’s throne, while others denounce the cleric for doing so.


An X user named animolenikun shared the picture on Sunday, writing, “PASTOR E. A. ADEBOYE, please stop demeaning our heritage and do your things and respect our culture.” Don’t ruin the reputation you have worked so hard to establish. You will certainly regret it if Yoruba resists all of this, sir.

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“In my opinion, Baba Adeboye is purposefully making fun of the Yoruba Obaship by doing this. This is your chance to speak up if, like Omoluabi, you find it repulsive. It is abhorrent, this.

Another tweep, HilawJamal1891, commented on the post, saying, “I feel the fault should be placed under Olugbon’s feet…Why would he abdicate his crown in favor of Baba Adeboye? He ought to be removed from office right now.

Niass204 also commented on X, saying, “Our so-called Obas who choose to expose themselves to mockery are the ones I blame, not him. Why would an Oba give up their seat so he might sit on it? It implies that HE the Olugbon has little regard for that chair.

“I see nothing but pride in Pastor Adeboye,” Deyemi Saka commented after sharing the photo on Facebook. Had he truly been as modest as you all say he is, he would have refused this gesture or offer.

“Adeboye is an ordinary man and not a god, but he has placed himself in the position of a god by sitting on the throne of a traditional king,” said Oyebolaji Collins Adewale in response. God is unquestionably supreme, but Adeboye is not God.

Some social media users disagree with the criticism directed on the preacher and the king.

“If God said, kings will bow before you, the thought of man and its opinion doesn’t concern God,” Adeshorpeh0912 tweeted on X. It will undoubtedly occur. It is a testament to life.
God does not complain.

Kaayleb Ihasabemon also posted on Facebook, saying, “We can sit on any throne since the Bible states we are Kings 👑 alongside Christ, the King of kings. Baba is in order, so stop worrying about little things.

According to The PUNCH, Pastor Adeboye visited Orile-Igbon in the Surulere Local Government Area of Oyo State on Friday with his church’s “Let’s go fishing” evangelistic program.