Former Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ housemate Maria Benjamin has been accused of kidnapping his sister’s husband by celebrity barman Cubana Chiefpriest.


Earlier, it was stated that Cubana Chiefpriest, in an Instagram post, said that nothing is sweeter than family and urged wives to stay awake while Maria approaches their husbands.



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Maria, according to Cubana Chiefpriest, kidnapped his sister’s spouse and threatened her on a regular basis. As a result, he pledged never to let such an act go unpunished, promising to pursue Maria in Dubai.


In a fresh tweet, however, the Cubana Chiefpriest questioned Maria’s audacity in threatening a married woman with male and female children for her husband.


Maria’s recent flaunting of cash, a Range Rover, and a wristwatch, according to Cubana Chiefpriest, was done to spite Cubana’s sister.


The famous Barman expressed her displeasure with her sister’s spouse, claiming that no one had more side chicks than another. Nonetheless, they will make their spouses’ lives unpleasant to the point of contacting and threatening them.


@mariachikebenjamin, he wrote. How On Earth Will You Threaten A Married Woman With Male And Female Offspring To Leave Her Husband For You Or Die, Kelvin, You Dey Show Person Husband Watch N Car To Pepper Her, Kelvin Am So Ashamed Of You, All Of Us Dey Street



If what you’re doing is right, why are you hiding your face in shame in this video? My Own Na Make Nothing Happen To My Sister, Okwa Mmadu Nwe Ogodo Ewu Na Ata, If Anything Happens To My Sister.


Maria’s recent show of cash from a sugar daddy was mocked by social media users, who warned her to leave married guys.


Maria in the dirt awoke the girls, wrote __ayoolat.


slamhitfactory retweeted: Lol now you can see where those cash came from.


Maria, leave him alone oooh! wrote essie gwin. Stop making threats on his wife.



All of una wey Dey talk say Maria don’t need money from fans oya see am now. monalisa cyprian wrote: All of una wey Dey talk say Maria don’t need money from fans oya see am now.


Maria Benjamin was accused of dating a married man and pressuring him to divorce his wife, according to reports.


Maria was cautioned to keep away from the married man by Instagram writer Gistlovers in a post uploaded on his page, and it would be messy for the reality star if the man served his wife with a divorce letter.


The message begins, “Dear Maria,


Please stay away from someone’s husband, Atutu poyoyo, because if that man gives his wife the divorce letter, e will go red for you, as I already stated.


I arrive in a peaceful manner.


Some social media users reacted angrily to the message, recalling Maria’s boasting about not dating a married guy, while others expressed displeasure, claiming it was too soon to be related to such tragic news.


Meanwhile, other internet users argue that the call out comes as no surprise, especially because Maria chose to pitch her tent with Mercy Eke, a past housemate who has been frequently chastised for dating married men.