Uriel Oputa, a former Big Brother Naija contestant, drew outrage after proclaiming her love for ‘Shine Ya Eye’ housemate Pere.




Pere is without a doubt one of the male housemates of Big Brother Naija’s ‘Shine Ya Eye’ housemates who is adored by fans and many Nollywood celebrities.

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Uriel wrote on her Instagram page that she’s starting to like Pere and that people should ask him how he likes to fry his eggs.


Uriel went on to say that she is exceptional in the kitchen and an unspecified area, which she left out of the post to keep the reader guessing.


Pere dey enter my eyes ooh, she wrote. Allow me to finish my sentence. Someone should inquire as to how he prefers his eggs o. Because I’m a wizard in the kitchen. Finally, I’d like to say good-bye.


Social media users reacted by calling Uriel’s move “aggressive shot shooting,” while affirming that Pere is a cute guy and waiting for his response.


That Pere na wonderful person, have you heard him speak??? wrote earringfreak Ohhhhhh


Wawu, wrote bun milove. Wam  wa Shooting shots sha is completely harmless.


That pere dude na fine guy no doubt even me since for bigbrother na him dey entrance my eye, viks signature wrote.


oluchienehlucy wrote: Shots fired with vigour! Uriel isn’t glancing back to see what they’re up to. I’m waiting for a broad response with the phrase “I love my galfwnd.”


recalls Urierecently talked about how hard it was for her to find a boyfriend when she was obese.


According to the reality personality, she was unmarried for over five years when she was thick and no one was interested in her.


Uriel went on to say that, thankfully for her, she dropped weight as a result of a health issue.


Uriel claims she has received proposals from a variety of guys, including white men, since she lost weight.


“It’s strange how guys say they loved me thicker…,” she wrote. However, I had been single for nearly five years. Not even a hello… You don’t have to send me!! Now that I’m in better shape… Please don’t inquire if I’m single, even if oyinbo dey gaze in my direction…


I’ve always been a big person, but I’ve had health difficulties that I’ve had to resolve by losing weight. It’s not about being svelte, because I’m not!!! It’s all about staying healthy.”


Please do not inquire as to whether or not I am a singlet hapo mu! No, I’m not trying to make Cabbage Poundo… God will judge you men in 5 years. aaahhhh E Every day when I walk through Uu, one of the guys even stops me. I exclaimed, “Oh, my lucky day,” as he approached me and asked me to photograph him in front of his car.


That day, I ate four poundo wraps with Oha soup. Chai with Zobo that has been chilled. And then there’s peanuts… My weight did not gain overnight, and I had to work for it in my kitchen. I consumed an entire pot of white rice after church one day because I couldn’t wait for the stew to defrost. It’s a long process, but we’re making progress.”