Angel Smith, a former Big Brother Naija dazzle ya eye housemate, has provoked anger with her assertion that her mother is the only one finer than her in the entire country.




The 21-year-old reality star made the announcement on Twitter days after recuperating from an unexplained illness.

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Angel’s mother had her when she was 16 and had since raised her through various hardships and disappointments experienced by single mothers.


Angel’s mother is without a doubt a refined and classy lady who deserved the awards because she never looked her age.


Many Nigerians have criticized the reality TV star for her braggadocious behavior, claiming that she was the least attractive of the female shine ya eye housemates.

Some praised her for being naturally passionate about her mother, as well as for her confidence, because self-love is the first step towards loving someone.

She penned:

Only one person in this country is finer than me, and she is my mother.

See the following comments:

Yes….I appreciate your confidence…, wrote @phronelizz bodycare.

If only every lady could say that with confidence…self-love is essential.

She now talks too much, according to @onyinyechistephen.

Watch people criticize her in the comments area, @veevyane__ commented.. abeg let her to hype herself.

Una get wahlah for this life, wrote @ pemisirey. Person appreciates her mother Na another awful issue to you. Both of them despise and adore one other. I’m not going to take money from her aza. Peace

@dolieyounce wrote: Pride has begun.