2face, Nigeria’s iconic artist, has expressed his outrage at the marital crisis involving his wife Annie Idibia and babymama Pero Adeniyi.




recalls Pero Adeniyi ignited outrage on social media over the weekend after she reconnected with 2face’s family, who dubbed her the “unbothered and unshakeable first lady.”

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Many social media users expressed worry for Annie, saying she is likely going through a lot in her marriage as well as the difficulties of dealing with Idibia’s family.

In response, Pero Adeniyi, in an interview with Nigerian journalist SDK, counseled Annie Idibia to be a decent wife to her husband, adding that she and 2face are not on good terms and that they had not seen each other in a long time.



In response to the latest social media incident, 2face remarked in a series of Instagram stories that he has allowed so many people access to his life that they now feel they can trash him.

2face may consider himself poisonous and may give people the false idea of himself, causing them to avoid him.

The musician went on to say that he would never change his personality for anything, and that his family’s social media marital troubles would never cause him to lose his sanity.

He wrote: Everything is OK. When you give some people access to you. There is no trembling. E’s like I’m bored now, abi. So maybe I’ll wait till I decide to provide una poisonous and wicked personal before I go gba.


Your disdain only demonstrates who you are when you are free. Don’t be afraid to ask. Enjoy what you’re hoping to enjoy. We’ll meet in the front. I will never, ever change who I am for anyone or anything. Just bask in the fact that you now have access to a God. Everything will be OK. Una’s absence causes me to crase. It’s not going to happen.

In response, several Nigerians expressed sympathy for 2face, claiming he was suffering through a lot, while others believed he brought the situation on himself.

kris272020 wrote: Innocent, go call your family members to order and end this pointless diatribe. If you handled things correctly, none of your people will have the audacity to smear your name on social media. DO THE RIGHT THING RIGHT NOW.


kingdomingoloso wrote: 2baba is not a fan of drama. It should be avoided at all costs. Make una think about his mental wellbeing as well.

So sad… wrote melvofficial9030.

He’s been through a lot.

lyfa2cute wrote: Na, you placed yourself in this position…

Fans must quit blaming one other and step up.

andy koolnwrote: You’re not crazed, 2baba. They don’t belong. Do what makes you happy, but not at the expense of hurting others.