In a recent video, activist VeryDarkBlackMan criticizes Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo’s daughter Priscilla for saying that she cannot marry a man who is less than her.

Instagram star Priscilla raises eyebrows in an interview when she says she can’t be in a relationship with a man who makes less money than him.

She continued by saying that being with a man like that would make her feel inferior because he wouldn’t be able to help her or even pay for her birthday.


Reacting to the video, VeryDarkBlackMan berated Priscilla Ojo as he disclosed that if they take men out of the lives of Nigerian women, 80& of them would be nothing.

Speaking further, VeryDarkBlackMan said that women doing well for themselves are not up to 20% as they are well known for having Sugar daddies (Alhaji), Politicians and Yahoo boys as their support system.

VeryDarkBlackMan noted that if men started thinking like women by deciding to get married to rich people like them it would have been worse.

The activist added that he doesn’t blame Priscilla Ojo for coming out with her opinion, however, he refers to it as a degrading one and should be kept to herself instead of uttering such a statement to the public.

VeryDarkBlackMan added that Priscilla just used the opportunity she had during the interview to degrade those not on her level.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

tufab: I agree with Very Dark Man on this one. My fellow Nigerian men please stop dating broke girls. Make dem go hussle. They will not date broke men so why date dem ? Anyway I’m speaking for the broke ones. 😢.

_peaceful_baddie: I’m now beginning to like this guy cause he no send anybody papa lol 😂 verydarkman fans pls gather here for a selfie.

funky__m_o: This is the first time I’m commenting on this guys content, but then you’re very silly, it’s okay if no woman succeed in your family without man but guy I’m in a circle of ladies who are doing well for themselves with their own money they earn legitimately Ladies who make millions, build house and furnish it in 5 months with no man’s money, please get a life.

natasha_blessing_rasaq: This guy nor just get sense ? Na the fame dey make am talk rubbish, who told you women cannot survive own their own without men. , if men could be on their own why did God create women. , you just dey form yeye activist , even in friendship you must bring value, we all need each other in other to survive in this world.

big_treshly: I’m not offended by what this guy is saying ,no his words motivates me actually 💯 the more he talks down on women the more I see reason why women need to do more .. I’m a very big fan of hard work and I will tell him for free that he is wrong about Nigeria women and he is wrong by his choice of words .

teeto___olayeni: Guy take several steps to the backkkkkkk. Who made you voice of the people???? Must you always have a say????? How many women can feed for themselves??? Maybe the women in your family sha. Guy move around and see women doing well for themselves