On Friday, October 1, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) issued a sit-at-home edict across the South East.





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IPOB claimed in a statement signed by its spokesman, Emma Powerful, that the sit-at-home on October 1 is to show its rejection of Nigeria and everything it stands for.



The gang also announced that “operation no Nigerian flag” will begin on October 1st in Biafra land.



The sit-at-home order, according to Powerful, was issued to commemorate Ambazonia’s independence anniversary.


“IPOB has proclaimed a total shutdown in Biafra territory on October 1, 2021 as a show of our rejection of the demonic edifice known as Nigeria, and there shall be no movement in Biafra land on October 1, 2021,” the statement continues.




Furthermore, IPOB has declared that all Nigerian flags mounted anywhere in Biafra land must be brought down as of today, September 25, 2021, with the exception of banks. IPOB leadership will communicate directly with banks and give them reasons why they must peacefully bring down Nigeria flags in their banking premises before we do it ourselves in our own way.




Everyone must faithfully follow IPOB leadership’s directions; we want the world to know that Biafraland is not Nigeria and will never be. Don’t say I’m not sure; for the wise, a word is enough.”