Adeyemi Adebayo and Huession Michael, two suspects detained in relation to the alleged murder of Mercy Ese, a 100-level student at the POGIL College of Health Technology, Oke-Eri, Ijebu-Ode Local Government Area, Ogun State, would be charged as soon as possible, according to the Ogun State Police Command.


This was verified to PUNCH Metro on Wednesday by Omolola Odutola, the Police Public Relations Officer.


According to a statement released by the PPRO, Mercy was allegedly slain by Adebayo after the two got into a fight over a Tecno phone.

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According to what our journalist learned, Adebayo said that Mercy had taken his Tecno phone, which he had gone to get from her on the specified day.

Adebayo reportedly informed the police that after going to Mercy’s house to retrieve his phone back, the two got into a fight and that’s when Mercy allegedly hit him with a stone. Adebayo was reported to have struck the victim on the head in retaliation.

According to Odutola, at approximately 1300 hours, DPO Atan-Ijebu claimed that he had got reliable information regarding a 30-year-old student at POGIL College of Health Technology named Adeyemi Adebayo “m.” Oke-Erin stated that his former sweetheart, a 20-year-old Mercy Ese “F,” was a 100 level student at the Health Information Management School in Ijebu-Ode. According to Oke-Erin, Mercy Ese stole his Tecno phone, a Camon 20, and when he went to get it back from her, they got into a fight.

She claimed that after looking into the matter, the police discovered that Adebayo had killed Mercy and then thrown her body into a nearby bush with the help of a buddy, Huession Michael.

After Mercy’s body was found, police detectives brought her to Ijebu-Ode General Hospital, where the attending physician pronounced her dead.

She went on to say that the investigation was over and the suspects would be charged as soon as possible.

The results of the investigation, however, showed that one Huession Micheal, a 29-year-old 300-level environmental health student at the aforementioned school, had planned the victim’s murder with the said Adeyemi Adebayo and had dumped her lifeless body into a bush at Eri Oke via Ijebu-Ode.

After detectives arrived, the body was found and brought to Ijebu-Ode General Hospital, where it was determined that she had passed away. The deceased was placed in the hospital morgue. Odutola declared, “The investigation is over, and the case is prepared for prosecution.On December 26, Metro published a story claiming that Monday Ogbole, a man, had killed Murtala Jimoh, a neighbor, after a brawl in Ogun State’s Itele Awori neighborhood.Metro discovered that the two, who were reportedly neighbors, were involved in a bloody duel, and that other neighbors’ attempts to break them up were unsuccessful.

The suspect was reported to have fled into his compound realizing that the dead victim had the advantage, leading those attempting to break them up to believe the duel had come to an end.

But when our correspondent learned from the source that the culprit was brandishing a big stick, the crowd gasped and fled for their lives.

The victim was alleged to have fallen onto his back with blood streaming from that area of his head after the suspect smashed the stick on his skull before the victim realized what was occurring.