Aziz Al Azmar, a Saudi celebrity, caused a stir on social media when he was coupled with Nigerian actress Aunty Ramota because of their striking physical similarities.


This happened soon after an Aziz Al Azmar video became viral on social media, receiving hundreds of comments and thousands of likes.


In the video, Aziz Al Azmar could be seen walking stylishly while also giving out items to the needy in different scenes.

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He was also seen walking majestically in one of the scenes, and soon after, the video made its way to social media.

Shortly after the video hit the internet, concerned individuals took to the comments section, likening Aziz Al Azmar to Nigerian actress Aunty Ramota while claiming that they would make a better pair.

See some reactions below:

Ashmeetah Muhammad: “those that knows Aunty ramota gather here, I saw her perfect partner.”

BigDrey: “Aunty Ramota suppose marry this man.”

peperony_1: “he is jovial and philanthropist not like aunty ramota but rip to him.”

princess somi: “am i d only one or does this guy resembles aunty ramota.”

moyosore: “Why this guy con resemble aunty ramota abi nah aunty ramota second.”

Sexy😜 Melanin ❤️💞💯 01: “He be like say na Aunty Ramota Lost twin be this?”

debbyfitt: “This man and aunty ramota really really looks alike.”

ninacun1968: “MashaAllah Aziz you are the best in the world Allah is great for you forever.”

pheyilanko02: “Na aunty Ramota’s twin brother be this o.”

Ukoh chizoba perpetual: “no be anty ramota brother be this??”