Nollywood actor Kunle Afod has questioned Nigerians on why they are celebrating independence, while also criticizing the country’s leadership.


Every Nigerian, whether in the nation or abroad, has remembered the 1st of October as a significant anniversary in the country’s history because it represented the end of British colonial control. However, true-born leaders, sometimes known as nationalists, stirred the movement.


Meanwhile, Independence is the state of having sufficient means for a comfortable livelihood for all citizens in a nation, however, Nigeria marking 61 years of freedom and self-dependence has pushed many Nigerians to the street of social media on the perception of the country advancement since its years of establishment. 

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Kunle Afod is one of those that have poured their hearts out as he questioned Nigerians on why they are celebrating independence when the leaders who are meant to uphold the dignity and affairs of the country have failed us.

In addition, he said things are not getting better and the masses are not happy with the situation of the country, hence leaders should bow their heads in shame for what has befallen Nigeria.

He wrote:

Happy independence day
Oct 1st 1960 was the historical day
Things are not getting better in any sector
Do we need to be happy?
What are we really celebrating?
Our elected leaders should come together to take away the shame they have brought on our dear and beloved country…
I pray for Nigeria
I wish Nigeria well