A popular actress and filmmaker, Mercy Aigbe, tells TOFARATI IGE about her career, latest project, marriage and other issues


The Yoruba section of the movie industry is currently getting a lot of positive attention. As someone who has been around for quite some time, how does that make you feel?


This is indeed a great time to an actress, filmmaker and investor. I feel so happy about what is currently happening in the movie industry. It is what I had always wanted, and I feel blessed to be a part of it. Despite the language barrier, many of our films are some of the most watched on international streaming platforms.

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What project are you working on?

The film I am working on is titled, Ada Omo Daddy, and it will start showing in cinemas towards the end of the year. I am so excited, because I believe people will love the film. It was made with a huge budget, and I have a lineup of a great cast and my crew. It is my first major cinema project, and I am looking forward to the feedback the movie will get. I have basically put my sweat, blood and every other thing into the project.

This is your first project in a while. What is so unique about this particular movie?

It tells a beautiful and relatable story. It is a family drama. As a filmmaker, I love to make movies that would have great impact on society. It is a true life story, and it is very dear to my heart.

We also shot it with the latest equipment.

We are making more money, and getting the recognition we deserve.

You mentioned that you worked with an A-list cast. Tell us about some of them.

Actors in the movie include the beautiful Omowumi Dada, and my mentor, Sola Sobowale.

One of your most successful films is the comedy movie, ‘Osas’. Going by comments on social media, many of your fans want to know if you will still make another film similar to that

Let me use this medium to apologise to my fans. I actually see their comments asking for a ‘reloaded’ version of that movie. Some people have been asked me to make it into a series. A lot of people really loved the character of Osas.

I want to assure my fans that it is something I am looking into.

Why do you think ‘Osas’ was that successful?

People really loved the character. It was different from the types of roles I usually act. That character actually showed my versatility as an actress.

What changes would you like to see in Nollywood?

Some of the changes are already changing, including the recycling of old faces. Most films used to feature the same set of faces. But gradually, we are starting to give way to young and vibrant actors. I am not saying that old actors should not be used anymore, but more opportunities should be given to up-and-coming talented actor.

Some filmmakers have complained that when they take their movies to cinemas, the latter gets the bulk share of the money made. What’s your take on that?

I really cannot say, because I have never taken any film to the cinema. The movie I’m working on will be my first cinema project. I need to experience it first before I can comment on the issue.

As a creative person, what happens in your real life has a way of impacting your creativity. In what ways has your marriage helped you as an actress and filmmaker?

If one is happy, whether one is a creative person or not, it impacts everything that one does. Whenever I am happy, I would go on set and give my best, because I don’t have anything weighing me down. It has made me a better actor, businesswoman, and friend. That sweetness and joy has transformed me into a better person.

You are usually trolled on social media. How do you keep your sanity despite the cyber bullying?

I often tell people that I am just on social media to market things as an influencer. As a businesswoman, I sell my products; and as an actor, I advertise the movies I feature in. I choose what I want to be identified with on social media, so all the ‘craziness’ does not bother me. It would be hard for anyone to see me physically and bully me. They can only do that on social media.

You had been ‘influencing’ on social media long before it became a fad in Nigeria. Was it something you planned, or it happened by accident?

I actually did not plan it. I did not set out to be an influencer on social media. I like dressing well, and I enjoy taking pictures. So, whenever I was dressed, I would just take pictures and post them on social media. However, I was always getting lots of comments, with people commending my fashion sense.

Then, some vendors started sending me their products, and that was how social media influencing started for me. I also noticed that whenever I wore the outfits vendors sent to me and posted the pictures on social media, the vendor’s stock would be sold out in a short while. I then realised that I had a lot of influence on social media, especially when it had to do with fashion. I then started charging vendors to wear their outfits and post it on social media. I actually made a lot of money as an influencer. However, it is sad that some people will collect money and not get the job done. Perhaps, because I am an entrepreneur, I know how hard it is for one to bring out money and give it to someone, so I do my job to the best of my ability.

Many people look up to you when it comes to fashion. Does that put you under any sort of pressure?

No; it is actually easy for me. It is something I enjoy. Whenever I step out of my house, I want people to be compliment my looks.

You also do business with your husband. How do you handle disagreements?

We disagree. I am very stubborn, and he is also stubborn. However, we respect each other’s opinions, and we don’t argue unnecessarily. Rather, we argue sensibly, and then we don’t look down on each other. Whenever anyone of us makes a point, we both think about it, and figure out the best way to do things. Our relationship is built on mutual understanding and respect, and that has been helping us.

When we are doing business, I am not wife, but a business partner, because money is involved. I wear a different hat when it comes to business When we are at home, I wear the hat of a wife.

He is actually a very understanding person, and he is not the bossy type. He is a good listener, and that makes him a good leader. Whenever I talk, he listens. He tries to reason with me, and we meet in the middle.

Some people feel that a popular and rich actress like you will find it very hard to be submissive in your marriage. Are you submissive to your spouse?

Love will make one do many things. The people that are saying things like that don’t love their partners. If one loves the person one is with, one would be submissive. One would want to do everything to please one’s hubby, and that includes being submissive. Regardless of one’s status, one’s husband is one’s leader.

What were the qualities you saw in him that made you know he was the right one for you?

I like his smile and dark skin. Beyond all that, I like his person. He is a very wise person, who communicates a lot. I believe that communication is key in relationship, because it helps understanding. I don’t like people that don’t talk. If you don’t talk, I wouldn’t know how you are feeling or what you want me to do.

I also like the fact that he is very understanding. Whenever he feels that he is wrong, he apologises. He is not the typical Nigerian man, who has a big ego. He is not egoistic, though he is strict. I like the fact that he is strict, because I like people that have morals and values.

Also, he is a great dad, who loves children. He loves to make the people around him comfortable. He is selfless as well. To cap it up, he is a fine man.

In the early days of your marriage, the noise on the Internet was loud. How were you able to get through that phase?

I just stayed focused. I am in charge of my life, and I know what works for me. At the end of the day, whether it is a good or bad decision, I would be the one to face the consequences. I don’t need people’s validation for whatever decision I take regarding my life.

You have a tight bond with your children. How do you balance being a mother, especially in this age of social media?

I love being a mum. I think it is one of my best roles as a human being. I believe in letting people be who they are and what they want to be. My daughter (Michelle) is not really into social media. She does not like the paparazzi, even though I would have loved for one of my children to follow my footsteps in the entertainment industry. However, my job as a parent is to be a guardian; to offer advice and make sure they don’t go astray. Besides, my daughter is a grown woman now. She even sends me money. On my last birthday, she sent me over a million naira. I am enjoying our relationship, because over time, we have been able to build a beautiful bond with her as a friend.

What’s the difference between Mercy, ‘the star actress’, and ‘the wife’? Do you cook for your husband and do other domestic chores?

In recent times, people are starting to see that other side of me, because I am influencing for a brand which entails me cooking, and doing some domestic activities. Before now, I never used to put things like that on social media, but now, because of the brand I am influencing for, I have to do that.

Of course, I cook for my husband. I do my wifely duties. Whenever I am at home, I always want everyone, including my husband and kids, to feel and appreciate my presence. Whenever I am at home, everybody is happy. And when I am not around, they miss me so much. I always make sure my family enjoys good food, and other beautiful moments with them.