A story claiming that the Republic of Niger had left the Multinational Joint Task Force has been refuted by the organization.


The MNJTF was founded to provide a safe and secure environment in places where terrorist organizations like Boko Haram and others are active.


The task force’s member nations include Nigeria, Chad, Niger, Cameroon, and the Benin Republic.

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According to a media source, Niger Republic left the task force as a result of the Economic Community for West African States’ sanctions against it.

Lieutenant Colonel Abubakar Abdullahi, the spokesperson for the Multinational Joint Task Force, refuted the report in a statement released on Sunday, stating that Niger is still a crucial component of the group.

The statement said, “MNJTF has been alerted to false claims about the purported departure of Sector 4 Niger from the MNJTF by certain sections of the Nigerian media. We want to be clear that Niger is still an essential part of the MNJTF and that these rumors are unfounded and unsupported by any official correspondence.

Niger and the other member nations are essential in helping to fulfill this objective. We would like to make it clear that Niger has never received any official word about leaving the MNJTF or withdrawing.

These hints cast doubt on the cooperation and dedication of all participating nations in the struggle against terrorism and regional instability.

Before airing or further propagating material, we implore individuals and media outlets to confirm its accuracy through reliable sources. The MNJTF is dedicated to advancing stability, security, and peace in the area, and we stress the significance of truthful reporting to uphold public confidence in our joint efforts.