Cybernauts have uncovered all the essential information about Olasunkanmi Shaeed, the individual featured in the leaked tape with actress Moyo Lawal.


The curvaceous Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal became a hot topic across social media platforms following the release of her intimate video with the man.


Olasunkanmi Saheed, the man in question, was born on January 5th, 1978, and hails from Kwara State, Nigeria.

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He primarily resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and also possesses a beach house on Illashe, Lagos Island.

He’s unmarried and is a single father of two children, a boy and a girl, each with a different mother in the USA. He primarily lives with his son, while his daughter visits occasionally. Additionally, he owns properties in Ajah.

According to blogger Cuti Juls, apart from Moyo Lawal, he also has intimate videos of two other women in the entertainment industry and several female socialites. The blogger further mentioned that he used to make promises of marriage to them.

One of his main fantasies is to film his moments while having canal knowledge of ladies as that will serve as his bragging right showing that he has evidence.

Cuti Juls wrote;


Born on 5th Jan, 1978 and resides in Atlanta Georgia mostly.

That 1978, I suspect it’s his football age cuz he kinda looks older unless he is looking old cuz of plenty knacking.

He owns a beach house in Illashe, Lagos Island.

Na that Beach house and audio marriage promises wey him don use knack all plenty of our sisters including 3 famous ones apart from Moyo. 

He is not married. He is a single father of 2 [boy and girl] with 2 Babymamas in the USA.

He only resides with his son and his daughter rarely visits.

His tape with Moyo is likely to have been filmed in July during his last visit to Nigeria.

Well even when some of your favourites [no mention of names for obvious reasons] visits Atlanta, he’s had 2 of them in ATL. He is into selling cars.

He has some properties in Ajah. Na those ones and the beach house he used to confuse sisters and knack and film them. Cuz him don promise everyone marriage. Especially Lekki sisters as that’s where he stayed during his last visit in July.

Apart from Moyo, he’s also has 2 films of 2 other ladies in the entertainment industry and a couple of female socialites. All his videos appears consented but I believe with the “I will marry you” lie 😩😩😩. Cuz he is likely to be lying to them he wants to keep videos to be watching when he is missing them as even on first day, him don already upgrade you to “my wife” 😩😩🤦‍♀️

Ladies please avoid him o when he jam you 😩😩.”

See the post below;

One of his main fantasies is to film his moments with beautiful gehs. Maybe that adds to his bragging rights.😩😩😩

That marriage promises na lamba cuz him don promise plenty women.

Very yeye man originally from Kwara state.

Now he has used f@ke acquired American accent and little swag to tape some of our very beautiful sense.

Ladies, be wise