Bishop David Oyedepo, president and founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, has cursed bandits, terrorists, and other criminal groups plaguing Nigeria.


Addressing his audience, Oyedepo stated that the time has come for judgment.


The blood of the innocent Nigerians killed by unscrupulous individuals, according to the outspoken preacher, will fight against them.

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“Today, the God of wrath rises in defense of our nation,” he stated.

“You can tell how many futures have been upended by this nation’s unsettling: Fulani vagabonds making life miserable for locals, and they say they don’t know?”


We were made aware of it, but I was already aware of it. From now on, it’s all fire. If you are the prophet’s sons and daughters, go invoke the same fire that is being conjured on this altar. Heaven is going to respond.

“And the Church fell silent; in this day and age, a church leader’s neck was severed. If nothing happens, God has not sent me, but from now on, judgment will ravage the nation.

Many people will fall asleep and not wake up. Many people will go blind in the next 24 hours.

“Many people will be paralyzed in three days. My God is turning the tables on the oppressors.


During the 2015 general elections, the African richest pastor chastised some Nigerians for failing to heed his warning against the current regime. However, he stated that the errors would not be repeated in the upcoming elections.

“The blunder made by our country in 2015 will never be repeated. The wicked’s choice to sit on Nigeria’s throne will never be replicated. A new order of settlement will be established in this country.

Their generations will pay the price for the blood of countless that they have wasted. Something happens every time the Holy Spirit moves on me in this manner, and I know that judgment is about to commence in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, whom I serve,” he continued.