Manchester United is presently classified as the second most successful English club based on the number of trophies they have won over the years, according to recently acquired reports. Let’s examine other clubs and their rankings.


1. Liverpool: With 45 titles, Liverpool holds the top spot, according to 90 Minutes. The club, one of the most decorated in Europe, is in top place after winning the champions league and premier league during the previous five years.

2. Manchester United: Manchester United is the second-most prosperous English team. Manchester United, who defeated Newcastle United on Sunday to win the Carabao Cup, is in second place with 43 victories.

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3. Arsenal, who are presently in first place in the Premier League standings, are third on the list. Although it has been a while since they have claimed a championship, they have 31 to their credit.

4. Chelsea: Chelsea is the fourth-most prosperous English club. The Blues were fairly successful over the years, despite this being one of their most difficult times.

5. Manchester City, the current Premier League winners, is the third-most successful English club overall. Manchester City, who currently have 23 trophies, might increase their total to 26 if they were able to win the treble with the champions league, FA cup, and premier league crowns remaining in reach.