The reason behind my decision to join a secret society was solely to spoil my mother with money, as I am determined to shield her from any form of hardship


In the bustling streets of Lagos State, a 27-year-old son embarked on a noble quest to uplift his mother from the clutches of poverty. As the sole surviving son among six siblings, his heart was set on sparing her from further hardship.


When the opportunity to join a secret society arose, he chose the path of financial independence, driven by his unwavering desire to provide for his beloved mother. Little did he know, this path would lead him through trials and tribulations he never imagined.

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The journey began with a simple test: spending a daily allowance before midnight. With each passing day, his allowance grew, and so did the pressure to meet the society’s demands. Yet, a momentary lapse in judgment threatened to derail his plans, leaving him stranded with a mere fraction of his allowance.

In a desperate bid to salvage his dreams, he turned to his benefactor, only to face the harsh reality of his transgression. Faced with the prospect of sacrificing his own mother, he knew he had to seek another path.

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Though his original intention to spoil his mother with riches was thwarted, he emerged from the ordeal with a newfound sense of purpose. Now, he extends an invitation to all who seek redemption and salvation. Call now to embark on a journey of healing and transformation.