Lord Lamba has finally voiced out about his baby mama Queen who recently married another man with his child.


He questioned the Queen on why she was hiding his child from him and why she blocked him on all social media and even allowed his new husband to be the one buying things for his child and making everything look as if he his not responsible.


He insists on seeing his daughter this new week because he is currently tired of her manipulation she claims she loves him but sleeping with another man.

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It seems Lord Lamba is currently pained with the wedding that take place with his baby mama Quee.

See social media reaction below;

Ewalagos_fh wrote: The uncles that buy gifts for wounded men’s kids…. God bless you people o😍 May you all never lack!

Ibeautifi_ wrote: A wounded man. We don’t care about these chats, your motive to tarnish her image will not work. No lady will leave a good worker to settle with the hoax.

Joy_chidinnmaa wrote: All I can say is that is she was not married he would be a deadbeat father and will not even get pressured of seeing his daughter. How is someone buying your child a bicycle an-issue? Them no dey gift you when you small@?

Maam.e850 wrote: Some of us knows how narcissists operates! Watch out and see how many lies they’ll come up with,in order to destroy this relationship. Congratulations once again Queen,I know you are strong girl,continue to ignore

Amyubah6 wrote: Where I come from, as long as no bride price was paid, my child belongs to my dad as ñnewi person

Belladonna12354 wrote: A month after they had issues?hmmmm I don’t know what to say anymore 😂I’m happy for Queen but it seems there’s so many loopholes in this marriage..that baby is even too young Abeg

Enamtugbefia wrote: You will never know how precious of a jewel you have in hand until someone snatches it. Even if she had stayed with the latter ,chances of him marrying her would have been difficult and las las he will turn her into baby mama. David saw not just a baby mama but a woman who can keep a home and balance between family and career . Queen you are a decent woman and the lord bless your home .❤🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #tAD🌍⚓️

Omotea12 wrote: Shebi ur publicist vdm said u guys were just neighbours and u wanted to use the pregnancy to tie lamba down,which one I dey read here so??pele

Beauuriful wrote: This is a pure lie,this same guy that said he was blocked and hadn’t seen her fir months in the previous chat and hadn’t seen his daughter too.oga swerve with your lies and lick your wounds

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