Gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi, has criticized Bobrisky for claiming that he began crossdressing because being a woman paid him better.


When asked why he abandoned his masculine gender and assumed a feminine character, the crossdresser said this in a recent interview with Jude Chidonwo.


Bobrisky responded by revealing that being a guy didn’t suit him, so he began crossdressing for financial benefit.

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He said in part, “being a woman has paved lots of ways for me. Women don’t know how powerful they are. They don’t know how to use their resources as women.”

This irritated openly gay media figure Bisi Alimi, who attacked him on his Instagram page for exploiting the female gender.

He called the 30-year-old transvestite a “local champion” and said a true transwoman would never say something like that.

He wrote,

“I changed to a woman because it opens doors for me”
Is never a statement you will hear from a Trans woman, but you local champion knows no better.
I wish all women and Trans women who endure violence everyday and have to deal with patriachy bullshit can learn something from a “woman for pay when it suits you” person.
And what happens if being a woman doesn’t pay you anymore?
Oh! I am sure we are not yet ready for that conversation”

See his post below,