For Israel DMW, Davido’s well-known logistics manager, things have just become hotter in the realm of celebrity marriage problems. Israelis’ already rocky marriage was just thrown a curveball by makeup artist King AnuOluwa. Even though Israel was still having problems with his wife Sheila Courage, she boldly stated that she was willing to marry him.

A rapturous admirer didn’t hold back. She outright counseled Israel to divorce his wife and think of her as a life companion. She disclosed that she was prepared to adopt Israel’s way of life, including his fidelity to David. She even volunteered to help Chioma, Davido’s wife, if she needed it. She said that despite Israel’s frequent absences, she was in it for a better life.


”kvng_anuoluwa 1m

Uncle Israel leave her and date me I’m not any pastor’s daughter I don’t mind if u kneel down for Davido I will even kneel down for Chioma too na me know how my life and ur life change too good forever Abeg marry me… I don’t mind even if u don’t come home 100years I will also be helping Chioma when ever she needs me Abeg”

This drama unfolds against the backdrop of Israel revealing that Sheila left their home for Abuja under suspicious circumstances. This adds more fuel to the fire in their already strained relationship.

A few days ago, Israel took to Instagram, sharing details about his crumbling marriage. He mentioned Sheila Courage’s discomfort with his actions around Davido and he accused her of using him for fame. But Sheila didn’t stay silent. She accused Israel of emotional and physical abuse, extending the mistreatment to her family, particularly her mother.

Sheila Courage claimed she only ever wanted Israel to focus more on their family and invest wisely, not to cut ties with Davido. She painted a picture of a marriage marred by abuse and neglect, countering the narrative that she married Israel solely for fame.

Adding to the drama, a close friend of Israel and an associate of Davido slammed Sheila, labeling her as opportunistic. The friend accused her of exploiting Israel for fame and her aspirations to become an influencer.

Despite Israel’s publicized marital woes and the accusations flying around, there’s still interest in his life. The female fan’s proposition shows that some are eager to step into Sheila Courage’s shoes, regardless of the controversies.