Lady Golfer, a well-known Lagos socialite and ex-girlfriend of Tonto Dikeh, has dragged music executive and blogger Ubi Franklin through the mud and threatened to disclose his dirty secrets.


This comes after Cutie Julls, an anonymous blogger, released images of Lady Golfer and Nollywood actress Rosy Meurer, which drew a lot of attention.


Many internet users speculated that Lady Golfer, who was still friends with Tonto at the time of the photos, claimed that the Lagos socialite was already making friends with Rosy Meurer before their friendship ended.

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In response, Lady Golfer recalls the events surrounding the images and the individual who released the photos in an Instagram post.


Lady Golfer revealed that she had stayed in a hotel that Ubi had been assigned to manage, and Rosy came to see her before heading to the premiere of the film “Merry Men.”

Ubi Franklin later joined their chat, according to the Lagos socialite, and Rosy asked him to assist her in taking some images, which he later emailed to her.

However, she was taken aback when she saw the images on the internet, given that Ubi Franklin was the only person had photos besides Rosy Meurer.

Ubi Franklin was told by Lady Golfer to stay away from anything that makes her nervous. She went on to say that if he messes with her, she’ll disclose all of his dirty stories, portraying Ubi as a shameless photographer/videographer who prefers to help people rather than work.


Lady golfer wrote: @ubiflanklin or whatever they call you, I recall exactly the date when I stayed into that god-forsaken lonely lifeless flat where you functioned as a boy lad helping someone manage a hotel that was up for sale.

Rosy came over to see me before leaving for the premiere of Merry Men (Yoruba Demon), and I was helping her adjust her dress when you stepped in, amazed since you don’t take eye see women. Wrapper for women! You struck up a discussion with her and offered to photograph her, which you then airdropped to her phone.


You were the only person in the room! There is no one else who has those images, and you are the only one who has them besides Rosy. So you’re the complete house or third eye who works for cutiejullz.

I’m not sure what those photographs on cutiejull’s page are for! But whatever you’re attempting to imply or portray has very little to do with you. You’re the king of ass licking. Are you that unemployed?

What is the definition of privacy? What you just done was in poor taste and unprofessional. You offer them a lot of information and then pretend to be innocent. Your pals should be wary of you.


Ubi Franklyn will disclose your photos behind your back if he has them. When dealing with him, have your wits about you. He’s a complete waste of time.


Now, Ubi, pay attention to what I’m saying; this is a serious warning. Stay away from my name, my company, and anything else that has to do with me. Do you think messing with me will be a walk in the park?


If I hear another word from you or see my name on any site, I swear when I come for you, CNN is going to cover your dirty stories. In peace, you should be the shameless photographer/videographer you are. A late-thirties boy who isn’t ready to work. People’s bags are carried up and down by dey. Big blunder. Please keep in mind that I am not your mate.