The continuing drama between Lizzy Anjorin and Iyabo Ojo, two Nigerian actors, has taken a new turn as Lizzy Anjorin has reacted to a lawsuit that Iyabo Ojo filed against her.

remembers how Iyabo Ojo’s lawsuit against Lizzy Anjorin gave rise to a legal dispute between the two.

Following a string of public discussions in which the two actresses exchanged accusations and denials, legal action was taken.

Iyabo Ojo filed the complaint, claiming that Lizzy Anjorin owes him N500 million in damages for slander and that she must apologize within 14 days.


She captioned the legal document, “14 days is round the corner.. Saga activited 📌..Stage 1”

In reaction to the lawsuit, Lizzy Anjoin in a new video accusing Iyabo Ojo of being a thief. She went on to claim that Iyabo Ojo was using the lawsuit to cover up her own alleged misdeeds.

Watch her speak below:


Social media buzz with reactions following the news of Iyabo Ojo’s lawsuit against Lizzy Anjorin and has stirred a diverse range of opinions among netizens.

Here are some notable reactions:

– People saying she didn’t mention her name her not smart just like lizzy. She said mention “my name” and Lizzy replied “I wouldn’t mention your name because you know I am talking about you” 😂😂😂 someone that indirectly has confirmed and mentioned her name like that

– is your name shepeteri?

– I detest lizzzy she’s a popular nuisance home and abroad NGL , but in all honesty u can’t win this case cos she didn’t mention ya name ur name Yk 🤷🏻u came online and dared her to mention ur name ! If this was in the state ! This case can’t be won but then wah do I knw lol

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– He remain VDM Abi you dey fear am nii? He mentioned your name million times 😂 he be like him own pass you 😊 Queen mother eh rest!

– That she actually responded to your video was all the confirmation you needed , don’t worry about mentioning name …. Thank you IYsexy for doing this😍

– this is base..less and use..less petition i have ever seen. Is either the lawyer just wanted to “chop” her money or they don’t know what they are doing. This is very easy for a judge to throw out within 5secs. You need to prove beyond every reasonable doubt where ur name was mentioned. Let’s even assume she mention just “iyabo” , it will still not hold any water bcos it is assumed u are not d only person bearing dat name. The only defense lizzy will give is “she is not aware of what iyabo is talking about, because what she is doing online is an act to promote her biz … shikena .. So, Iyabo, The law doesn’t work that way ooo

– @iyaboojofespris God bless you ma , I love this oluwa aduro ti yin, infact am always in pain whenever I watch her yeye show abt u

– @iyaboojofespris still…you won’t be relevant….wen u dey open ur mouth dey cur&se person mama, dem don sue u?…no one will take u serious, rest…u be granny way won dey do like small girl enta hux

– Lizzy anjorin should get award on swearing for people on her live video, that woman no send anybody she go swear for you and ur generation, I dnt knw how she manage to do that without feeling reluctant

– Since una don Dey abuse Buhari and Tinubu how many time una don go court lolz 😂😂make una shaa Dey whine una self 😂😂😂

– She get money😂😂😂she go pay person wey oyinbo dey learn advert from😂

– Wen u’re finish with one case then drag verydarkman to court again dat is where I’ll no if u’re out of sense or not,people below ur age are pushing you as if u’re uncontrolable