Influencer Enioluwa generates excitement with a TikTok video highlighting his impressive eating skills at a recent event. The video showcases Enioluwa devouring plate after plate of spaghetti, leaving viewers amazed at his seemingly insatiable appetite.


Renowned influencer Enioluwa has stirred conversation with a TikTok video that captures him exhibiting his comical eating skills at a public event.


The video, posted by user @the_esiaga, rapidly went viral as netizens were astonished by Enioluwa’s seemingly bottomless appetite and his unconventional method of storing food.

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The video displays Enioluwa enthusiastically devouring plate after plate of spaghetti, leaving viewers in awe as he shows no signs of slowing down, almost as if he possesses a bottomless stomach.

Netizens swiftly expressed their amazement, with many speculating whether the influencer has a secret compartment in his stomach.

Adding to the intrigue, Enioluwa elevated his foodie antics by wrapping a piece of meat and stashing it in his suit pocket.

This unexpected move left viewers both amused and bewildered, as they questioned the logistics of such a quirky food storage technique.

Despite the humorous approach, Enioluwa skillfully maintained the pristine condition of his outfit throughout the eating extravaganza.

“DONT INVITE ENIOLUWA TO YOUR EVENT IF YOU DON’T HAVE FOOD ОН. Enjoy needs to teach us how he does it… do you have four compartments in your stomach,” the video caption read.

The video has sparked a flurry of reactions on social media.

Netizens Reactions…

@MosadoluwaN commented: “The fact Enioluwa eat so well and he does not even stain his cloth.”

@Orisunmibola said: “Enny Dey rub foundation?”

@Goddess_angelD reacted: “If na me do am now Dem go call me hungry.”

@Ugoeze Unaeze said: “The guy at the back is not having it.”

@Scruff Mcgruff Fo reacted: “Eni na ruminant normally.”

@abigailjulyagideo said: “That is why he is friends with hilda bacci the cook.”

@user8411191687570 said: “Nobody is talking about the meat he put in his clothes.”

@Chy Chy said: “The fact that he’s maintaining beauty while at it.”

@Official_blue_princess reacted: “I love food like eni o.”

@Remzy commented: “The guy on white behind.”

@CHOCOQUEEN Y said: “The way he is eating it asiv he is not the one eating it.”

See Video below;


@📍Eni needs to teach us how he does it… do you have four compactments in your stomach 😂😂😂… #theesiaga #nigeriantiktok🇳🇬 #relatable #fypシ #foryoupage #eni #hildabaci #hildabaciacademy

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