Actress, Laide Bakare, tells FAITH AJAYI about her sojourn in the entertainment industry


What is informed your decision to go into acting even though you studied History in school?


Prior to attending the University of Lagos to study history and strategic studies, I really studied theater arts at the University of Ibadan. After graduating, I participated in Yobe State’s required National Youth Service Corps program. However, I subsequently transferred to Lagos State, where I successfully completed the service year. That varied educational background broadened my horizons and improved my abilities.

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Why did you decide to become an actress?

In addition to my great passion for journalism, broadcasters served as my inspiration. My destiny led me to study theater arts even though my original goal was to study mass communication.

Despite being unexpected, the twist proved to be fortuitous. My viewpoint on communication and storytelling was expanded, and studying theatre arts further stoked my passion for the entertainment sector. The University of Ibadan provided me with rich and varied experiences that served as a springboard for my career. I now recognize how that unorthodox path has enhanced my abilities, providing a special fusion of creativity and communication that defines my positions in this fascinating sector as I navigate the dynamic field of the entertainment industry.

What were the factors that inspired you in the early stage of your career?

My love for the industry was stoked by my studies in Theatre Arts at the University of Ibadan, but the many performers I was surrounded by at the time had a bigger influence on me. My father’s house served as a common setting for movies back then. I was exposed to the film industry firsthand while I was in that creative setting. My admiration for theater arts was enhanced by the combination of scholarly knowledge and practical experience, which also sparked a strong interest in acting. Those early meetings with performers and directors proved to be crucial in directing my career toward an exciting and rewarding investigation of the entertainment business.

What inspired the book, ‘Make Millions in Six Months’, which you published recently?

My accomplishments and experiences have inspired the book. I have no doubt that anyone, anywhere in the globe, can benefit from what has worked for me.

What are some of the challenges you encounter at this stage of your career?

My biggest struggle as an actor, producer, and director is figuring out how to navigate relationships and find true love. Sometimes, rather than the true nature of who I am, people are drawn to my rank and line of work. It might be difficult to tell real relationships from ones that are just based on celebrity.

How have you been able to constantly overcome those challenges?

I employ patience to eliminate toxicity from my life

What is the most challenging role you have ever played?

Playing romantic parts presents specific obstacles, particularly when there are kissing and caressing situations. Handling the professionalism and genuineness needed for these kinds of situations can be challenging. These parts get more challenging when one must strike a balance between the demands of the script and one’s own comfort; this calls for a nuanced approach to guarantee a credible, yet decent, performance.

What are the major highlights of your career?

My first major role, which earned me acclaim and glory at the 1999 Thema Awards, marked the beginning of the best period of my career. It changed everything for her when she was named the Best Up-and-coming Actress at the time. Since then, my name has continued to be significant in the field.

Aside from being an entertainer, you are also an entrepreneur. What are some of the businesses you have ventured into?

As a real estate developer, Simline Properties is the name under which I do business.

What projects do you have planned out for this year?

I intend to work on more important projects that meet the standards of a movie theater. Contributing to projects that go above and beyond expectations in order to give viewers a memorable cinematic experience is the aim. My goal as I work in the film industry is to improve the caliber and scope of my productions.

You are known for your roles in Yoruba movies, rather than in English-speaking ones. Was it intentional on your part to act in Yoruba movies, or if given the opportunity, you wouldn’t mind featuring in an English-speaking movie?

I have experience acting in English-language films, and if the chance presents itself, I would be willing to do more. My prior experience has deepened my understanding of the craft, and I’m excited to take advantage of any chances to further my involvement in the English-language film industry.

In what ways has the current state of the economy affected you?

I am able to handle and navigate the difficult financial position by putting my trust in God. We can confront uncertainties with trust because of his guidance, which gives us resilience and strength. Our faith in God provides us with a solid anchor during difficult economic times, enabling us to endure and find security in the face of uncertainty.

How are you able to balance your life as a mother of three and an entertainer/businesswoman?

It is not easy for me to carry out my responsibilities as a mother of three in this difficult economic climate, but I am thankful and give God all the praise. His grace keeps me going through the difficulties, and I am grateful for the strength He has given me to handle the responsibilities of parenthood in these situations, finding comfort and thanks in His heavenly assistance.

How do you like to dress?

I prefer dressing in a simple and comfortable manner.

How do you unwind?

I unwind by watching television.