Nigerian actress Lola Okusanya expresses her admiration and excitement after having the rare opportunity to meet the legendary Ibrahim Chatta.


In a video shared on her Instagram page, the actress can be seen overflowing with joy as she meets him, even describing him as a deity.


Sharing the clip, she wrote, “UNCLE IBRAHIM KNOWS MY NAMEEEEE😭😭😭 You know I’m not being dramatic when I say I’m crying while typing this…This man doesn’t know how much I love him that’s why he’s walking on mere sand, he should be floating. There should be petals on the ground he walks😩…In my mind, he’s a ‘deity’. If uncle Ibrahim turns to water or iron or stone tomorrow and they say it’s bcs he’s a ‘god’, I will believe bcs Ah! This man dey act😩😩. He gives me this feeling like he’s a spiritual being🥺

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He knows my name🥺🥺. Guys, Uncle Ibrahim called me by my surname & name😩.

Before, I was thinking to marry a ‘Coker’ or a ‘Smith

Before, I was thinking to marry a ‘Coker’ or a ‘Smith’ bcs this my surname that starts with ‘Oku’ (in English- deäth) can sabi strêss somebody ehn😏🙄 but as uncle Ibrahim has called me by my surname, I don love the name now😂😂. Any man I marry, I’m adding ‘Okusanya’ to my name ooo bcs uncle Ibrahim called me by it😁

Then he allowed me into his space😩 I sat on the chair he sits😩 He even asked what they should make for me😭😭
Haa! All of you wee not hear word on this social media😂😂 Trust me na, I will write a billion things about him😂

Before I met him, the asst director was in my car while we drove to Africhatta (his place). This man has a Village😳…Ahhhhh!!!🤩🤩🤩 Shebi you can see why I think he’s a ‘god’😂. The director was giving me in-depth gists about uncle Ibrahim and oh my God! My body was vibratinnggg😩😩. He even addresses him as ‘Akanda-Eda’. (A special one) (A unique specie)

What I love most about uncle Ibrahim is how everybody has good things to say about him. ONLY GOOD THINGS. We’re filming at the place where they filmed jagun jagun and I could legit feel JagunJagun spirit hovering😁. It feels like home. I feel like I’m in the land of my forefathers😍

I dunno how people on set will cope bcs as uncle Ibrahim has hugged me, I no dey bath again!😎. He poured an icon’s blessings on me too🥺 What else do I want in life?🥺🥺

Those that know my page since way back know how much I love him and now, as of today, I FEEL A SENSE OF FULFILLMENT😩. After I finish acting with him, my acting fee will be 8million per day😎 If e easy, go and act with ALMIGHTY IBRAHIM CHATTA😎🤩. Stop playing😎😂.”

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