Yvonne Orji, a well-known Nigerian-American actress, reveals something startling when she suggests that, at 39, she is still a virgin.

In response to a question regarding her virginity status, she disclosed this knowledge in a recent interview with television host Chelsea Handler.


In response, Yvonne Orji wholeheartedly affirmed that she had herself preserved, hence, she still remains a virgin.

Light-heartedly, she joked that people should offer prayers for the man who will eventually change her status, humorously noting that there is “a lot of pent-up energy” within her.

It is worth noting that this is not the first occasion when the actress has openly addressed her virginity. Back in 2017, she openly revealed her virgin status at the age of 33 and expressed her intent to maintain it until marriage.

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Her statement has ignited diverse reactions on social media, with some applauding her strong determination while others have critiqued her decision