Popular singer Portable wife, Omobewaji has brag about her skin and beauty on her insta story.


Omobewaji who celebrated her husband Portable  recently has taken to her Instagram page to show off her beautiful skin with photo editing.


Omobewaji went for her son school inter house sport with her natural face and brag about her beauty.

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She wrote “No editing straight from camera, my skin is giving muah”

See how fans reacted to how she brag about her beauty.

See comments

Funaya wrote: But why portable wife no fine 😂

Ukemzy wrote: She don’t have dark spot on her knuckles despite the bleaching, it looks good on her make una try give una vendor credit

Future_determient wrote: But why all Zee nation dey always wear hoodie for this kin wether 😂

King_lase wrote: This girl for fine pass this, if nobi say na portable she go settle for. 😂 😂

Folakeflakes wrote: Cream go first make u fresh na later later u go see results 😂😂😂

Veevyan wrote : She doesn’t bleach oo. Her skin is very neat too.
Have seen her in my office before.

Temidahor wrote: Na natural beauty jare with maintenance of cream but I don’t think she is using bleaching cream

Eddyslands wrote: She’s beautiful and better than those ladies nowadays. God bless her and his family 👏