In the ongoing Big Brother Naija Reality Show, Shine Ya Eye Edition, there have been more surprises.




Anita Singh, also known as Nini, one of the female housemates, just announced that she is a virgin.

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Nini, on the other hand, claimed that throughout her seven weeks on BBNaija, she had up to seven pregnancy scares.


She said this during a talk with Cross during the house party on Saturday night.

Cross has previously accused Nini of concealing information about herself.


“You must understand that I believe you have my back and I have your back,” he stated. In this house, I believe you aren’t being your true self. “It’s like you only give us half of yourself, not the whole.” But anything you tell me, I’ll believe and accept. So tell me, have you ever had sex with Saga?”.



Nini, who is 27 years old, reacted by saying, “I am a virgin.” I stated that I am a virgin. Is it because of your virginity? You don’t know me well enough to know I’m not lying. What exactly do you want me to say? I had a pregnancy fear yesterday before my period arrived, and I’ve had a pregnancy fright seven times since moving into this place. Because I used to be afraid that, like Mary, I could become pregnant through Immaculate Conception.”


Cross subsequently stated that if he discovered Nini was lying, he would forgive her.