A recently surfaced audio recording allegedly features a heated argument between the late young singer Mohbad and his wife, Omowunmi. This audio has gained attention in the wake of the tragic death of the promising artist, with various speculations surrounding the circumstances of his demise. Some have even pointed fingers at his former label boss, Naira Marley, as a possible culprit.


Amid the ongoing speculation about Mohbad’s death, a video of him and his wife, who had been in a relationship for over a decade, has emerged on the internet. In the audio, Mohbad accuses his wife of conspiring to harm him, reminding her that while she may harm him online, she cannot harm his entire family.


He expresses frustration over her feigned illness, which he believes she used as a ruse to extract information from him through WhatsApp, possibly with intentions related to his death. The former Marlian singer also reveals an incident where his wife insisted on him wearing a specific piece of clothing, which he suspects was an attempt to endanger his life.

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Promising that his family would come for her, he added that his wife didn’t give him the respect he deserved and hurled out unprintable names at her.

“If I die today you killed me
My life is fucked up
I’m saying this in advance
My life is fucked up
Ever since the NDLEA shii
My Health is bad
My tummy is folded up
I do complain all the time
I will tell the whole world 0o

You should leave me alone when you stopped feeling me
Why did you fuck my
Now you pretending gO
You will pay for this
Only if there’s no GOD
You put me to shame
You acting smart! You said you never loved me
But why did you stay in my life for 8 years Don’t worry
Don’t reply me 000

If you k me you sha can’t k my whole generation
My God will judge you
The whole world will know about all these
You don’t know who you are focking with I swear
Your whole family will pay for it
If not now later
Go ask your people again what to reply me with”.


Reacting to it, many netizens noted that they wanted to change the narrative.


Actress Bakare Zainab wrote, “Before all these conversations sir/ma, what transpired between them jare. So a 10-year relationship is a joke, right? This Mohbad’s death is really messing with my brain jare

One Temilola Sobola wrote, “This poor lady just lost her husband for Christ’s sake

One Lotus Bun wrote, “Changing the narrative

One Funmi Sugar wrote, “Does that mean his wife killed him? Haba na

One Miwa Signature Palace wrote, “Couples fight. They make up and break up. Ase ni screenshot Yi

One Toya Solabint wrote, “Sis Naira pay you to post this cos I didn’t get o

One DB Naturals wrote, “Y’all should stop this narrative. Couples fight and sometimes say all kinds of things to each other.