Chelsea is currently grappling with a recent downturn, evident in their struggle to secure points against Newcastle United. This has prompted a thorough examination of their starting lineup to address the issues at hand.


Identified below are four players Chelsea should consider benching to pave the way for a return to winning ways:

1. Thiago Silva:
The experienced Brazilian defender faced a challenging day in Chelsea’s recent match, displaying signs of aging that were exploited by Newcastle’s attackers. Silva’s direct contribution to conceding a goal highlighted vulnerabilities, suggesting the need for a fresh approach in the backline. Providing opportunities to young defender Levi Colwill could inject much-needed energy and agility.

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2. Marc Cucurella:
At the left-back position, Marc Cucurella encountered difficulties in executing defensive duties effectively. Lapses in his performance allowed Newcastle’s attackers to breach the defensive line, necessitating a potential change to a more reliable option to fortify the defensive unit in upcoming matches.

3. Robert Sanchez:
Former Brighton goalkeeper Robert Sanchez showed moments where he could have kept Chelsea in the game. However, his overall performance, especially in dealing with crosses, fell short of the required conviction at this level. Addressing these concerns is crucial to bolster Chelsea’s defensive resilience.

4. Cole Palmer:
In the attacking third, Cole Palmer struggled to showcase his best form against Newcastle United. With limited goal-scoring opportunities and a generally lackluster offensive contribution, benching Palmer for the next game could open the door to exploring alternative attacking options. This strategic move aims to inject dynamism into the team’s forward line, fostering adaptability and unpredictability in their offensive approach.

As Chelsea navigates through these challenges, the upcoming decisions regarding the starting lineup represent a critical phase for the team. Balancing experience with youthful vigor, shoring up defensive gaps, and exploring alternative attacking avenues are integral components of the team’s strategic recalibration to regain momentum in the competitive landscape of English football.