Teniola Apata, also known as Teni, is a Nigerian musician who has expressed her intention to beat up the baby daddy of a troll.

She thinks her new song is awful, and the troll has reviewed it.


“Sorry o, message aside, that Teni song is terrible”, the tweep tweeted.

Replying her, Teni revealed her desire to beat up the troll’s baby daddy.

“Sorry o, I still want to beat your baby daddy though”.

Another tweep had slammed the singer noting how she thought she ate with the clapback, but it was the opposite.

“You think you ate? You didn’t and you should be ashamed and you can’t beat her baby daddy. Wetin concern her?”.

Replying her, Teni maintained her stance that she at the troll up.

“This what I ate baby”.

A third tweep called her a razz lady, and Teni reminded the troll that she had a blue passport.

“What a razz babe”.

Teni replied, “With a blue passport show me your own ode”.


In other news, last year, Teni opened up on her body transformation while reacting to reports of undergoing body surgery to lose weight.

Just like actress, Eniola Badmus, Teni’s sudden weight loss had become a subject of discussion for many. While many praised her new look, others questioned her need to go under the knife.

Reacting via her Twitter page, Teni shut down the reports. The busty singer revealed in another post that it would cost money to look like her.

Finally opening up, the younger sister of Niniola, disclosed that she was weighing two hundred and sixty pounds because she ate anything she liked.

However, she realized that her excessive weight gain could lead to death and started working to shred off her weight.

Nigerian singer Teni has recently addressed rumors suggesting that her impressive weight loss was a result of surgery. The truth, as she passionately explains, is far from the rumors circulating online.

In a candid interview, the “Billionaire” singer confirmed that her weight loss was entirely natural, revealing that it was her sheer determination and willpower that led to her transformation, putting to rest any doubts or rumors about surgical interventions.

Using herself as an inspiration, she believes that her journey can serve as a testament to the fact that anyone can achieve their weight loss goals through hard work and