A 35 year old lady in Lagos state lamented over the frustration of her life in seeking for a life partner.

The lady who thought life is always a bed of roses in her early age became frustrated after befriending different kinds of guys without any one proposing to marry her.

She became worried as age is not on her side any more. According to her she spent her life with boys who never think of marriage, but lavishly spending for her. Through the proceeds of what she received from the guys she has been able to build a 4 bed room flat for herself and a bought a new model Toyota Corolla car which she used to crush life.

She decided to stop the flamboyant life style to concentrate on who to marry. Unfortunately,no one among them was ready to take her home as wife. All her friends in the university of Lagos were all married.

She felt ashamed whenever they comes around for a short visit. As a result of this,she told some of them that she travelled out of Lagos whenever they called to pay her flying visit. She continue to seek for help from both spiritual and native doctors, but there was no solution.

Among her school mates one of them came to visit her without previous information and narrated how she became a married woman.She was surprised and share her experience with her because she looks worried.

The woman referred her to Dr Ohanu Spiritual HomeContact+23480, 8807, 7395 She called the number immediately and he told her to visit him the following day. As early as possible in the following morning she woke up and proceeded to the place.

Dr Ohanu after consulting the ancestors came up with a surprise message that she has unknowingly exchanged her husband with money that is why all men that came her way always splashes cash on her instead of marriage.

He revealed that the only way to reverse the situation is for her to give her car as a gift to someone. She wanted to give him the car, but he declined and asked her to give it to a very poor person she didn’t know before . She carried out the assignment as instructed and came back to him. Dr Ohanu gave her a spiritual soap and oil to use for 7 days and after completing the exercise she will see her dream partner in the dream land .

She started using the soap to bath and rub with the oil and on the last day she saw in her dream a man who came to seek for her hand in marriage which she rejected due to his poor financial status.

She phoned Dr Ohanu and explained to him. He replied that is the man. Certainly, the same man she saw in the dream came to seek for her hand in marriage again. As someone serious of marriage, She decided to accept him and within a space of two months, they got married.

To her greatest surprise, the man she thought was very poor was a rich man who disguised himself. He bought her exactly the car she gave out to the poor during her trial moment. That is why she decided to publish this on social media to advise young ladies clamoring for riches in marriage.