Popular Nigerian artist, Peter Okoye, has expressed his feelings regarding church deliverance services.


Some Christians in Nigeria commonly fall down during deliverance services because to announting. However, according to the artist, it only happens to people who aren’t wealthy.


He tweeted;

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“I’m still wondering why rich people don’t fall down during deliverance service.”

Below are some replies to his question;

Chukwugoziem wrote;

“Senior man we can’t say, is like money dey comot evil spirit first before deliverance”

somy_young wrote;

“There mind no dey ever dey for the prayer once u relaxed ur mind n deeply concentrate n loose yourself then’

christina wrote;

“Now do you get it, you are being spun a web of lies. Religion is organised crime by so many. Only a few are real prophets of God therefore demons will thrive in demon environment! Hope this helps”