A celestial prophet, identified as Tayo Oke, has expressed disappointment at controversial singer Portable’s performance in a church.


Portable, the street hop artiste, made headlines after he performed at the Celestial Church of Christ, Goshen Land Cathedral in Lagos State.


It was reported that the church had invited the singer to perform, but later changed their minds, but Portable had insisted on performing at the church event.

Unfortunately, his performance at the church didn’t leave many netizens impressed as they berated the church for degrading Christianity.

Tayo Oke, who wasn’t pleased with it, in a video captured online revealed that he wept after seeing Portable singing. The prophet noted how despite the outcry, Portable and Pasuma still went ahead to perform and how he disrespected their Sutana, by wearing it while singing Zazuu.

The prophet went on to question if anyone had seen a nuisance singing in other churches and prayed for God to judge the organizers.

“Despite the outcry, Portable and Pasuma still went ahead to perform at the praise night. Have you ever seen a nuisance singing in the other churches? Portable wore our Sutana and was singing Zazu. I wept when I saw him singing. God will judge the organizers”.


While some netizens concurred with the prophet, others disagreed with him noting how he isn’t God to judge the singer.

One Beta Manzyy wrote, “Islam is still the best religion abeg wetin you wan perform for mosque pass azikir

One Dara Catalogue wrote, “Lol, you wey no invite nuisance come your church, how many people dey worship for your church? Jesus PRO

One Rachy Galkem wrote, “You can’t fight for God sir, at least they didn’t perform inside church, e fi idajo silence fun Olorun

One Rhike wrote, “Mtchewwwwww who’s saint? They are actually happy and praise God, and that’s all that matters, those of you who are saints but what’s inside you is bad more than a snake person

One Bowo Of Lagos wrote, “See they are all humans. Is it because they sing hip-hop that they should not be allowed in churches or what?? Even Saint Janet performed in many cele church

One Ambos World wrote, “The funniest thing is that you can not fight for God because God’s ways are not our way. The olosho may be wrong in our sight but in God’s sight, he might be right.

One Cicy Tity wrote, “As a celebrity mother, I’m so disappointed

One Soft Millionaire wrote, “This is disturbing swears. If I meet anyone who is going to garment I barely take most of them seriously. This man is speaking out of pain

One Omowunmi wrote, “Een Jesus used better Cain fog people out of the temple when they were doing all sorts. I don’t see this as fighting for God, he is just saying the truth”.