In a recent interview with Teju Babyface, actress Sola Sobowale recounted her living experience while she was in the U.K.


The talented actress narrated how she would spend over three hours on the road at different bus stops, just to get to work in time, and still save money.


She mentioned how the weather in the U.K can sometimes be unfavorable, whereby, you would sometimes bleed blood through the nose due to the dry air.

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At some point, while in the U.K, Sola Sobowale said she broke down and cried, due to the hardship she was facing, while trying to make ends meet.

Sola Sobowale also stated that her life has gotten better now, and whenever she looks at her kids, she beams with pride at them for being an amazing mother.

In Nollywood, Sola Sobowale is one of the highest ranked actresses, who had been in a lot of blockbuster movies.

One of her most famous works is in King of Boys, in which she played a tyrannical business owner at day, and a cartel leader at night.

She received quite a number of awards for this movie, and she has been in all the installments of the movie since then.

As someone who has been in the movie industry for decades, Sola Sobowale is one of the most booked actresses, whether it is for a small role or not.

Her versatility and emotions while acting has helped her to stand out in the movie industry. Sola Sobowale is known for crying easily while in movies, while maintaining a stern hand at the same time.

The fact that she is able to express such raw emotions, and switch up almost immediately has become her trademark style of acting.

Basically, Sola Sobowale has built a name for herself in the movie industry, and has become a living legend, after years of service, and building her career.