A trending online video features Cute Abiola’s wife, a skit maker, praying to her creator before giving birth.


Within the video, Cute Abiola’s wife openly conveyed her fear, alluding to her prior struggles before becoming pregnant. This clip has evoked strong emotions from online users, serving as a poignant reminder of the challenges pregnant women often face.


Just days after the elaborate naming ceremony and thanksgiving event hosted by popular skit maker and comic actor Abdulgafar Ahmad, known as Cute Abiola, an emotional video has surfaced online. The video captures his wife, Khudrah Mosunmola, offering a heartfelt prayer to her maker before giving birth.

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In the brief video, a visibly pregnant Mosunmola candidly shares her apprehension about childbirth while fervently praying to God for a smooth and secure delivery.

In addition to her prayers for herself and their newborn, the wife of the skit maker also entreated her creator to ensure his well-being and continued life.

“I suffered before getting pregnant, God please save me and my baby,” she said as she prayed in Yoruba. She Wrote.

Watch the video below:


Netizens react to video of Cute Abiola’s wife praying

See some of their comments below:


“Amin. God I am using her as a point of contact for every women who is looking and wanting the fruit of the womb that you answer them very soon and every pregnant woman will deliver safely in Jesus name .”


“God truly answers prayers cause all her wishes came true.”


“Speechless if you have not experienced what she is praying against, you will never know how powerful the prayer is”


“This fear is actually real especially as a first time mum, sometimes the devil even whispers into ur ear. But our God is greater.”