Yoruba Actor Lekan Olatunji has taken to social media to appreciate popular Faceless Blogger Gistloverblog for bring him back to life with the contribution his followers did for him.


He revealed that he had planned to taken his life because there was no hope for him again after those whom he borrowed money from started calling him.


He shower prayer on Gistlover and those who who contributed the money for him while he almost lost hope.

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He Wrote: GISTLOVER @gistloverblog_mediaoutlet
is a God-sent to me. After losing, my wife and I was at the point of getting totally depressed. Nothing made sense to me again, and the debtors that I borrowed money from started calling me after her demise.
I was sad, planned to end it all, and escaped from the brutality of this world. My heart skipped anytime I looked at my children. How do I cope with these kids? I don’t even know their daily routine. I was always on the road as an actor, entrusting the home responsibility to the love of my life, my wife, who just died.
I was in a crossroad and have internal battles of how my children would cope and who would take care of them if I choose to end it all.
All of a sudden, in a reaffirmation of the fact that God answers prayers and sees my daily tears and also my confusion about the future,…GISTLOVER CAME IN FOR ME…
God directed Gistolver attention to my tears, and he/she spreheaded the crusade to restore me to SANITY.
The money raised for me by all the followers of GISTLOVER gave me life again, and I was able to pay off the debts, incurred during my wife’s battle with life.
I decided to also quickly produce a movie, showcasing my personal struggles, my wife’s struggles, and what I have witnessed as a SINGLE FATHER…
The movie is sponsored by Gistlover and all of you, his/her ardent followers, who contributed immensely to make me live again.
While dedicating this movie to all of you, I pray, you please help me watch the movie, without skipping the adverts, so as for me to recoop my investment on it.
I urge you all to help me thank Gistlover and pray that our good Lord will be with him/her, bless him/her family and take sorrows and agonies far from his/her household. Amen.
Please, show me love by watching this movie, without skipping the advert.
It will be uploaded on Youtube (OKIKIPREMIUMTV) on Thursday, 21st of December by 12 noon (Nigerian time)

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