Emmanuel, a housemate on Big Brother Naija season 6, BBNaija 2021, has admitted to Angel that he lied to her last night after telling her about his feelings during the Saturday night party.


After she found both of them (Angel and Emmanuel) making out, his love interest, Liquorose, wailed out about never finding real love.


After the party, Angel and Emmanuel kissed, which irritated Liquorose, who decided to recount how difficult it had been for her to find genuine love.

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However, hours after the brouhaha, Angel approached Emmanuel to find out from him if he meant what he told her while they were partying, Emmanuel tells her that he was under the influence and shouldn’t take it to heart. “I lied” he replied.

Watch the clip below:

See how some Nigerians are reacting to the situation below:

One Sharon Akpa commented, “This girl never ever respects other female relationships, it’s all wokeness over here when they cheer her to kiss who she wants to kiss, snatch who she wants to snatch, it’s all games to her to be with every man in that house even the one that is with another woman, I don’t know how this is attractive to her and her fans, it’s annoying”

Ifeoma Okoye wrote, “Liquorose should forget about Emmanuel…she deserves better”

Chelsea Nsan wrote, “Rose will meet a better man after d show . Emmanuel is young and flirtatious. Angel told big brother hey biggie I don’t trust that guy he is not real with liquor rose. And she has been doing all her best to prove what she said about Emmanuel . Angel was right but we refused to see it”

Emike Atamegbe wrote, “Angel is the kind of friend that you should never bring close to your boyfriend or even tell her the things he does for you. Babe has no respect or knows when to draw the line when it comes to people’s relationship.”

Jennifer Uchechukwu wrote, “Y’all are here saying what Maria said all the time and you people wanted to shred her to pieces.”