Actor Don Little from Ghana has revealed something startling about how many bodies he has.

The actor said he has lost track of how many women he had slept with since becoming well-known in an interview with Delay.

He went on to say that he has a guest house for his affairs in order to avoid drawing attention to himself.

He claims that ladies approach him rather than the other way around, and the majority of them come from Facebook and Instagram.

He said that he doesn’t care about the women enjoying their s+x time with him because his main goal is to satisfy himself s+xually and ejaculæte.


see some comments below,

One Ability Austinc wrote: “Some women can go so low for a man just because he has money. Once money is involved, some women doesn’t care about ur looks at all

One Don Ibrahim wrote: “That gender no get shame. Sha get money

One Pettie Loveth wrote: “Just make money women don’t have spec

One Washington wrote: “In this life, just have money. Many ladies will be added onto you

One Tip Man Tech wrote: “Lol wahala but remember no real man kiss and tell”.

Don Little isn’t the only popular celebrity, who has spoken out on his body.