Nollywood actor Kunle Afod has gone back to doing his good deeds as he went back to visit Amina Eleha again.


The first time Kunle Afod visited the veteran he begged his colleagues and friends to please help her, stating that she is fully back to the movie.


As the actor returned to visit her again she was so filled with joy and happiness, telling him how grateful she was that people are now calling her for movie role.

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She showered him with prayers from generations to generation he will never lack, even at his old age God will always provide for him

Later Kunle Afod brought of the cash gift of 100 thousand contributed by her fans to her as a gift.

Kunle Afod wrote in his caption “Amina Eleha
So delighted to see me again ..
To everyone supporting us a this prayer is for us ..
Am always happy to see happy…
For those willing to support but don’t have the capacity God in his infinity mercy will bless and provide for you..
Subscribe to Kunleafod tv on YouTube”

Fans shower prayers on Kunle afod for his kind deed

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Joygate2 wrote: As if say this mama wear bumbum😂😂😂😂

Simmy_diva wrote: Mr. Afod, this is a ministry!!! Reviving the old actors is such a beautiful thing to see.
Please create a special donation account so that we can continue to support them.
God bless you

Younggod wrote: I swear ds egbon no fit fall…u Dey do Gods work pass those yeye daddy G.Os

Nakel_banty wrote:This woman can never change by😂love everything about her.

Turexbeauty wrote: Omoh, Her prayers got me emotional 🥲 Those prayers are straight outta her heart

Nafiatmalik wrote: Very laudable project you embarked on. May Almighty God continue to bless you👏👏👏