Popular skitmaker, Olayiwola Wasabi, also known as Layi, has disclosed that the inspiration for his skits comes from a representation of some lawyers in Ibadan and Osogbo.


The up-and-coming skitmaker revealed this during an interview with Cool FM when asked about the inspiration behind his famous skits.

He explained that being a Law graduate from Bowen University, he served at the Ministry of Justice in Ibadan, where he encountered many lawyers with the characteristics depicted in his skits.

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He also added that he completed all of his internships in Osogbo, and during that time, he observed lawyers who used to hang around the court premises trying to find clients, influencing his skit content.

Layi admits that he didn’t always get the chance to talk to these lawyers one-on-one, so he had to rely on observation to capture their characteristics for his skits.

From his observations, he deduced what their daily lives might look like, and that became the comedic material he used in his skits.