A heartwarming viral video captures Oyinbo children sobbing at an airport as their nanny departs, eliciting positive reactions on social media.


Rosie, the black nanny, had traveled a considerable distance when the employers’ children caught up with her, unwilling to part ways and refusing to let go.


Despite the white man and his wife’s efforts to restrain their children and let Rosie leave, the youngsters resisted their parents’ attempts.

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In the TikTok video, the nanny took turns hugging the kids, sharing emotional moments as they all cried together.

At one point, the Oyinbo man was seen fighting back tears. In another clip, the emotional man pleaded with her to return, expressing that they couldn’t imagine surviving without her.

Charmayne Harrell said: “Why did I just cry with the babies for Rosie .One of them called her mommy.”

vivian Bea said: “Thank you Rosie, but u need to go n check ur home people , thanks so much for your good heart, u made us proud.”

brown_eyed_girl said: “Kids can’t fake it, she must have been a gem to them. “I remember seeing a video the twins had to choose between Rosie and parents.”

Longorrrriiia said: “Why did I fall in love with Rosie she seems sweet.” mariomi88 said: “I cried too with this cute angles, Rossie should come back.”

melaniethaker752 said: “Even the father is crying Rose enjoy your holiday.”

Mayralucky7 said: “OMG! This breaks my heart kids get Attached to someone as special as Rosie who loves them, and treats them with a kind heart ❤️God bless her.”

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