A Nigerian lady has sparked reactions online following her response regarding her husband slapping her biological mother during an argument.


The clip captured the moment the interviewer asked the lady the question; “Your husband and your mum are in an argument and your husband slapped your mum, what are you going to do?”


Responding the lady said that she would call her husband separately and asked him what the problem is and he would later cautioned him.

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The lady added that she would call her mother separately and apologize and by extension make peace between them.

In her words; “I would call my husband separately and ask him what the problem is and I’m going to caution him.

I would call my mum separately and apologize, then make peace between them.”

The interviewer asked; “You are not going to divorce him?”

The lady responded by saying that she can’t divorce her husband because he slaps her mother as it is not a big deal.

The lady added that people have issues and misunderstandings but the ability to resolve them is what matters in a relationship.

In her words; “I can’t divorce my husband. It is not a big deal for my husband to slap my mum, people have issues, and misunderstandings but the ability to resolve them is what matters in a relationship.”

The lady during the interview concluded that anyone can get angry and upset and then end up doing many things but resolving it is the most important thing.

Watch the video below;


See reactions below;

pumpkinbee001: Abeg o, my husband should never try it, buh just incase he does… my brother will beat the spirit of darkness out of him😂.

somyluv_makeupstore:  When you are trying desperately to sound like a wife material but without knowing how stup.id you sound….Omo werey.

sauceprince1:  No man will do that to his mother inlaw. Why Una like to dey ask ABAMI questions?

denilsonexcels:  Nobody is perfect, her answer is reasonable.👏.

officialkingslee:  If A Man Can Slap A Woman & It’s Your Mother? Then Best Believe He Will Beat You Black & Blue Very Soon.

mariomakez_’:  Lol she is not being sincere because of the camera. Any way an adult shouldn’t be slapping any one because of a misunderstanding. To now even slap someone older than you, that’s a no no.

badtbishop: She’s a wife material but no man should ever lay hands on a lady, no matter what. You can defend yourself against them but never raise a hand on a woman.

immaculate_adeola_chioma: Dem no born that husband well to even dare hit my mom… Any man that can do that to his mom in-law isn’t even worthy of being called a son in-law..