Adebukola Salawu, a highly talented actress, stands out as one of the finest in the film industry. Despite her remarkable skills, she remains remarkably humble and doesn’t let her success get to her head.


When asked about her journey into acting and what keeps her going, Adebukola shared insightful details with City People Online. She introduced herself as a native of Ibadan, where she was born and raised. Completing her primary and secondary education in Ibadan, she later pursued a degree in Banking and Finance at the University of Ado Ekiti (now Ekiti State University).


Adebukola’s entry into the world of acting occurred in 2007 under the guidance of Mr Eleni in Ibadan. However, her pursuit of higher education led her to enroll at the University of Ado Ekiti in 2007, where she commenced her pre-degree studies. Consequently, she temporarily departed from the movie industry in 2008 to focus on her academic endeavors. Adebukola resurfaced in the film industry in 2014, marking her full return, facilitated by her association with Femi Fadeyi.

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In addition to acting, Adebukola’s career encompasses other facets, as the interviewers posed questions regarding her professional pursuits.

Like I said I joined movie industry in 2007 ..I left band came back fully in 2014.. Hmmm what has been keeping me going,I can boldly say prayers and determination.

“I have produced five (5 )movies.

“My first production was in 2016  EMOTIONAL TEARS (Omije Okan) directed by Femi Fadeyi.

“My second production was in 2017. IMOTAYO directed by Wale Rasaq

“My third production was in 2018 ATEGUN directed by Wale Rasaq..

“Fourth was also in 2018 OJU OkUN. Directed by Tope Adebayo.

“And my latest one is SCAR (Apa) it was shot this year 2019 ..directed by Kayode Adebayo May God bless my hustle.Amen…smiles.

“Yes, I am a stylist,I make hair and different kind of wigs, I am also a make-up artist.. In short I’m a business woman because I would love to open a fashion house soon.. May God help me. Amen.