Popular Nigerian singer Davido wife, Chioma Avril Rowland also known as Chioma Adeleke,  has disclosed how she met the Afrobeats sensation her husband.


In a video that captured the moment Chioma was having interview, the chef disclosed to all and sundry that she met Davido during their University days.


Davido and Chioma both attended Babcock University, where the singer pursued a degree in music, while his fiancée studied Economics. Despite meeting in 2013, they remained friends until 2015 when they quietly began their romantic relationship.

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Since then, the mention of Davido and Chioma resonated like Romeo and Juliet as the two lovebirds dominated the scene with their romantic, fairytale love story.

In 2019, Davido gets social media abuzz as she released a nostalgic bop dubbed “Assurance” for his wife Chioma Avril Rowland.

Also, Davido and Chioma welcome their first child Ifeanyi in 2019, however, he died in October 2022 at the age of 3.

In October 2023, Chioma welcomed twins with her husband, Davido in Atlanta Goergia, United States of America.

Shedding light on how she met Davido, Chioma revealed that their encounter occurred through a mutual friend who was dating one of Davido’s close associates at the time.

Asked how she met Davido, she said, “I met him when I was in school.

“My friend used to date his friend so from there it just happened.”

Watch video below

Chioma’s revelation harmonizes seamlessly with the music star’s recollection of their meeting, as he shared during a 2023 interview with YouTuber and vlogger Tayo Aina.

Davido reminisced about encountering Chioma while they were both enrolled at Babcock University. The singer mentioned that he was pursuing a degree in music, whereas Chioma was studying Economics during that time.

He said in part, “I was in school for a year before I blew up. That was when I met my wife. I remember the day I saw her. I can never forget it.

“I was in a Prado, and I looked behind and I saw this girl walking. Just there with her bag, it was Chioma.

“I told Lati omo I like that girl, go and call that girl for me.

“He called her but she did not answer me at the time. Later on, she came to Lagos and we linked up. And I was like, yeah, I got you.”