The recent announcement on Instagram by popular actor Bolanle Ninalowo, also known as Nino B, regarding the dissolution of his marriage to his wife, Bunmi, is now widely known.


The post read in part, “Finally, I accept the reality of the end to a road (sic). May God help me and reward me with all I truly deserve, or punish me for all I have done wrong if that is the case. In the end, we will all live with the consequences of our actions. Sad but real and true! The journey thus far only makes me stronger as I come to terms with what I truly need and deserve for all my relentless hard work and efforts in life.

“Heartbroken but not shattered, yet I stand tall as I break this sad but true news to the same world that adores my beautiful family and me. My wife and I have decided to go our separate ways, and headed for an irreconcilable marriage dissolution. Please, respect our privacy and pray for us during this process, as we heal and move on with our independent lives, while jointly taking care of what we love most− our children. God bless all.”


The news came as a shock to many of the actor’s fans because the couple had painted a picture of having a blissful family. Ninalowo often posted pictures and videos of him and his wife, and their two children− Aliyah (a girl) and Morakinyo (a boy).

However, it was also public knowledge that the couple had once gone their separate ways before they reconciled some years back.

In an interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, Nino B acknowledged that their initial separation was a result of his infidelity in the past. He said, “The years when I was feeling too young and cheating all day, breaking her heart; to the years when I wasn’t there and pursuing my dreams. But, I forgot she was a human being who was taking records and taking experiences of her life as well. So, I became somebody that she did not recognise anymore. At some point, I could not call her and she would answer the phone. The woman I had control over, I had no more control because she outgrew me.”

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Apparently determined to make his marriage work, the actor constantly praised his wife for giving him a second chance. In an interview with Saturday Beats published on November 21, 2020, he stated that he was obsessed with his wife. He said, “She is quite an introvert. We are practically two opposite people who complement each other well. Before I became a celebrity, I used to show off my wife. She looks like my mother, and I had always prayed to marry a woman that looks like her. I admire my wife and I’m obsessed with her. I have messed up so much in the past and I figured I could rewrite my own story. I am fortunate to have got a second chance, so I am just living my dreams. I am not living to impress anybody.”

In another interview with Saturday Beats in 2020, Nino B had stated that work made him leave his wife and children for 10 years. He had said, “What I always wanted for my 40th birthday was to be with my wife and kids, because I had been living in Nigeria for 10 years without them.

“Because of my hustle, I had to leave my family in the United States of America for a while, so this is the first time I am spending my birthday with them in 10 years. My dream was to have achieved my goals, so that I would be able to relocate them before my 40th birthday, and that was what I did. I was really looking forward to that, so I didn’t have plans for any grand party to mark the milestone. My greatest aim was to just be with my family.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with Vanguard Allure in February 2023, Bunmi noted that though the first few years of their marriage was turbulent, they had grown to respect each other. She said, “The most challenging period was the first few years of our marriage. We had so many fights and disagreements while growing up and getting to know each other better. As time went on, we fought through it all and learnt so much more about each other. We grew to understand that love is not enough, but that respecting each other must be intentional. We built good communication and shared everything.”

Asked where she would like to spend their next wedding anniversary, which would have been their 20th, Bunmi said, “I would love to spend our next anniversary on an island; somewhere beautiful, alone with my king, just enjoying nature.”

Source from: PUNCH NG